Friday, May 7, 2010

Cribbage Pro Update Coming Soon!

Well, it has really been a while since we last posted, and this post will also be fairly short. I'm writing to let you all know that all is not quiet here at Fuller Systems, Inc. We are actively working on our next release of Cribbage Pro, and we are quickly approaching a release date.

We are very excited about the new features coming to the game, and just can't hold it in anymore - so here is a quick list of what is coming next:
  • Multiplayer! - Yes, it is finally coming and I have to say it has been a lot of fun just testing it out and playing it amongst ourselves. There are a ton of features in this category from time limits for games to in-game chat and a game lobby. Unfortunately, manual counting and "muggins" did not make this release, but it is coming soon afterward.
  • Improved Shuffling - Yet even more improvements to our shuffling algorithm to improve the distribution of the cards overall. The most significant change is for multiplayer, but the single player game also has a version of the improvements that can work on a mobile device effectively.
  • New Game Board - An improved layout and color for the game board to make it a little easier to read and to look a little more like a standard game board. It's not perfect yet, but it is a step in the right direction.
  • Dealer Selection - We have improved the random selection of who is the dealer for new games and now make sure that the loser of the last game is the dealer of any next game started immediately afterward.
  • Bugs... - Yes, we still had a few bugs to kill, and this release will squash them. Primarily this is the "resume state" bug where if you send the game to the background and come back it was not picking up where it left off - this is now fixed along with a few other minor bugs.
  • Improved Help File - We have spent some more time in the help file in writing out more about what the game is doing and why, and added in an FAQ section to help answer some of the common questions we get.
Well, this is the short list of what to expect coming next. If things clear through testing in the next few days, you will see this release in the Market. Until then, feel free to comment here or email us with your thoughts on these improvements and what you would like to see next. We always love hearing from you.

-- Josh