Thursday, August 16, 2012

Announcing the Cribbage Pro Blog & New Strategy Topics!

Today I am happy to announce the launching of our new Cribbage Pro Blog dedicated to all things "Cribbage Pro". In the new blog we will be focusing only on topics related directly to the game Cribbage Pro and the game of cribbage in general. As the first article on the blog, and for at least a few more months, we are diving deep into the data collected in Cribbage Pro games to share some cribbage strategy tips and answer a lot of your cribbage questions like "What card should I play first when I have these cards in my hand" and "What makes good cribbage players so good".

Head on over to the new Cribbage Pro Blog now to read the first post, and be sure to subscribe to that blog for the very latest updates. We will be transitioning this Fuller Systems Blog to be more generally company focused in the future.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Announcing Cribbage Pro Contests on iOS!

I'm happy to announce that we are now live with the new iOS update of Cribbage Pro that brings all the new features found on the latest Android release ( to bring contests to everyone.  This means you can finally challenge your friends on iOS to a contest for Cribbage Pro Gold and cash it out as a real cash prize (1 Gold = $1 USD)!

Cribbage Pro is the first and only real cash prize contest system of any kind available on mobile devices like Android and iOS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Please read the link above from the Android release for further details or view the "Contests" section of the game web site and tell your friends.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Announcing Contests for Cribbage Pro on Android

Today, after months of work and testing I am proud to announce the release of Multiplayer Contests in Cribbage Pro for Android (the Apple iOS version is coming next).

Contests in Cribbage Pro are tournament games of skill (not gambling) with an entree fee and a chance to win Gold you can cash-out.  Yes, you heard that correct, you can cash-out your Gold where 1 Gold = $1 USD and there are never any fees for cashing out! You can "Buy Gold" using the button at the bottom of the new "Contests" tab in the Multiplayer section of the game, or select the bottom information bar on that same screen for more options.

The following are some key rules and limits on contests, but for the full limitations and terms please view the full Terms and Conditions user agreement and the other contest information provided on the game web site as this list is not, and should not be deemed as being in any way comprehensive:
  • When the contest completes, the winner is immediately awarded the prize based on the entry fees collected.
  • Each contest has the entry fee amount required to play set by the contest creator up to a current maximum of 25 Gold per contest.
  • If you choose to participate in a contest, you must have sufficient Cribbage Pro Gold (CPG) in your account in order to join the contest.
  • All contests are always considered rated games (for points).
  • When the first game in the contest starts, all entry fees are removed from the players accounts for processing.
  • All contests must be fully completed and a winner declared for any contest prize to be awarded.
  • If you re-match a contest, the same entry fee will be used again and the same rules apply as if it were a new contest.
  • If there is ever a disconnect or drop of a player in a contest, that contest will be saved and scheduled to complete later. An email will be sent with the scheduled time and other details and limitations.
  • A player with a gold icon in the players list indicates they are able to play in contests.
  • Each contest participant must read, agree and periodically review the full Terms and Conditions user agreement.
  • To participate in a fee based tournament contest you must be of legal age in your respective jurisdiction (again, see the terms and conditions).
There are more details coming soon, like an FAQ for Contests on the game web site at , but for now, go get the update or download Cribbage Pro if you don't already have it, have fun playing Contests and let us know what you think!