Thursday, August 16, 2012

Announcing the Cribbage Pro Blog & New Strategy Topics!

Today I am happy to announce the launching of our new Cribbage Pro Blog dedicated to all things "Cribbage Pro". In the new blog we will be focusing only on topics related directly to the game Cribbage Pro and the game of cribbage in general. As the first article on the blog, and for at least a few more months, we are diving deep into the data collected in Cribbage Pro games to share some cribbage strategy tips and answer a lot of your cribbage questions like "What card should I play first when I have these cards in my hand" and "What makes good cribbage players so good".

Head on over to the new Cribbage Pro Blog now to read the first post, and be sure to subscribe to that blog for the very latest updates. We will be transitioning this Fuller Systems Blog to be more generally company focused in the future.