Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cribbage Pro 1.6 Released!

We are excited to announce the release of Cribbage Pro version 1.6 to both Android and iOS users.  This new version adds the much requested tablet support for Android users (iOS users know that iPad support is coming) along with a host of other new features and some bug fixes too.

So, whats new in 1.6.0:
  • As mentioned above, Android now has initial tablet support for larger tablets (10" screens)
    • If you are running a smaller tablet (say the 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab), you will not see many changes, but if you are using one of the new Motorola Xooms or any other larger tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will see a new layout with larger board, cards, etc.
    • If you are using a larger tablet device, and are not seeing the new layout, please let us know as there are literally hundreds of them out there and we just can't test on them all.
  • Player reviews & ratings in multiplayer 
    • Players quit, players have lousy connections and disconnect all the time, players can be rude and any number of other things that make it hard to play someone.  On the positive side, players can be great opponents, offer a great challenge and be really nice to play.  The negative things do not make the game fun, and the community should know who those players are before they play them, and people who play nice and are fun to play against should also be recognized. This is why we have added this new review/rating system to the multiplayer game.  When you are done playing a game, you are asked if you want to just exit or if you want to also rate the player you just finished playing.  We don't let you just type in whatever you want for the review side, but you can select a 5 star rating for them and choose from a list of "reasons" why.  If you don't like the reasons, choose "other" and email us and we will see about adding your suggestion.
  • Support for multiple devices with the same user name/account 
    • So you have an iPod, an iPhone and and iPad and want to use the same user name on all the devices?  Yeah, now you can do that.  Same goes for Android if you have a phone, a media player and a tablet (or you are like us and have lots of phones), you can use the same account on all of them and the system will keep the stats updated in aggregate.  Of course, you can't login with the same user name on all of the devices at the same time for multiplayer, so if you do it will kick out whoever is logged in on your other device. Simply put, we can't have two users with the same exact name on the server at the same exact time - it just would not make any sense.  If you already have other accounts setup, just uninstall the game and then re-install it from scratch again and select that you "Already Registered" when prompted and be sure to use the same user name to login as your other devices.  We will continue to improve this experience over time as well to make it even easier to switch accounts around as needed as people start having more devices that they may share with someone else.
  • You can now permanently delete a "Friend" 
    • Honestly, this feature was there when the "Friend" system was first added, but we hid it because we really did not see a deep need for it and thought it would cause more confusion then help.  However, you all spoke up and asked for it and gave some really good reasons why too.  So, we were wrong, and now here it is.  You can now delete a friend completely from your list.
  • Ability to disable in-game chat per game 
    • Another one of those "odd" features perhaps, but since we have had a lot of requests for it and a lot of really good justifications for it (perhaps you want to let your younger kids play online but don't want to worry about them being bothered), we hope you will find it useful.  If your one of those players that always want to chat, don't join the game that has the little crossed out chat balloon and if you see it, know that you won't be able to chat with that user while playing the game.
  • New actions list for joining games and viewing you and your friends stats and ratings in multiplayer 
    • We have had stats for a really long time, but it was not always easy to view each others stats and now that we have added "ratings", this became more of an issue for us.  With this release we have added the ability to view the stats of someone hosting a game and view their ratings before you decide if you want to play them.  If you are the host, and someone joins your game, click the stars you see under their avatar and you will be able to view their ratings before you start the game as well.  You can also view your own statistics and ratings right from within the multiplayer lobby with the new section added at the bottom of the screen so now you can see quickly what your current points, level and rating are in the game without leaving multiplayer.
We hope you all enjoy this release as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you, and as always if you have any suggestions or want to share any of your thoughts on this release or anything else, please email us at or you can just leave us a comment below too.