Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Bonus Program - Help Us Help You With Cribbage Pro Online Bug Reporting

Today, we are announcing a new way that you can help us make Cribbage Pro Online play even better and at the same time get some extra points to brag about.  Whenever you encounter any issue in online play, if you report the issue through our online reporting form, and we verify it as an issue on our servers (meaning it was not just someone disconnecting/quiting from the game), then we will award your account with some extra bonus points.  Reports verified will result in 15 bonus points awarded to the first reporting player for each incident up to 4 incidents per week and 10 per month up to a life time maximum of 350 points. Reports must be filed within 8 hours of the error to be verified and counted.  An email will be sent to the account holder after points have been awarded or with any follow-up or clarification questions as needed.  Only the first report of any incident will be counted, and all reports must be complete/valid entries.

Start reporting any issues when they happen by going here:

We hope you all find this helpful as well, and we look forward to working out any remaining bugs you all may find to help make the game even better for everyone.

Happy Pegging!
-- Josh

P.S. The bonus program is for a limited time only - so start now!

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