Thursday, July 7, 2011

Achievements Bug & Top 50 Single Player

Today is a short post, but an important one.  After releasing our new achievements system on Android, we found a bug in the points system for achievements when playing against the Novice computer player.  In that mode, you should have been limited to the number of points you can earn towards the Top 50 (should be limited to earning each achievement about 50 times).  Unfortunately, that was not happening correctly and as a result many who just played only the Novice computer a huge number of times were incorrectly placing in the Top 50.

We have now corrected this, but I'm quite sure this will upset some of you who will now find your not in the Top 50 and your total points are now lower then they were as well.  I sincerely apologize for that, as I know how frustrating that can feel and hope that you will understand why we had to fix this bug before things got too out of hand and the Top 50 became just a bunch of people who can beat a really simple Novice as it would make the list meaningless.

At the same time, we have cleaned up the Top 50 to remove all the "Anonymous" accounts as well, which should make the list much more realistic and give other more serious players a chance to get on the list.

Again, apologies to all, and a reminder as well that if you ever find anything in the game that does not look right, chances are that it is not right, and we would really appreciate hearing from you at

-- Josh


  1. I understand the computer player software is programmed to calculate the best possible scoring hand, but it first has to deal itself the cards to work with. It seems apparent that it is also programmed to deal itself the best possible hand and only occasionally deal the opponent a good hand to work with, especially during advanced play. Please fix the software or at least don't make it so obvious that the software favors the computer. I know my ability to identify a good hand is not that bad.

  2. Hi "Jwhedrick87", have you read our posts on how the shuffling and dealing is done in the game?  We have done a lot of analysis and work around how it is done to make it as fair as possible.  You can read more about them here:

    and here: