Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Announcing Cribbage Pro Contests on iOS!

I'm happy to announce that we are now live with the new iOS update of Cribbage Pro that brings all the new features found on the latest Android release ( to bring contests to everyone.  This means you can finally challenge your friends on iOS to a contest for Cribbage Pro Gold and cash it out as a real cash prize (1 Gold = $1 USD)!

Cribbage Pro is the first and only real cash prize contest system of any kind available on mobile devices like Android and iOS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Please read the link above from the Android release for further details or view the "Contests" section of the game web site and tell your friends.


  1. Come on, guys. Cribbage pro skims off 15 percent of the total pot. That means I'm betting 1 to win 0.7. Plus there's a fee to buy gold! Highway robbery! The skim should be more like 5 percent, in line with the vig of a sports bet...

    Please modify!!!!

  2. With the fee structure of 15 percent of total entry fee, the break even point is a winning percentage of 58.8 percent. Due to the random element of this noble game, this winning percentage is almost impossible to maintain even for the most expert player. I recognize that bills have to be paid, but this will quickly discourage the vast majority of players when they realize the odds of long term winnings are stacked severely against them. Perhaps a graduated fee structure would be appropriate. If the fees were reduced from 15 percent to 5 percent for games of 10 gold or more, the fee per game collected would still be substantial, but the required winning percentage would drop to 52.6 percent, which would result in an exponential increase in player participation.

  3. Hi "Cribcraft", thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the fees involved in the contests. You are correct that only the top players win about 60% or more, and it is hard to do. This does make the current contest system most appealing to those who have that win percentage for sure.

    We have considered ways of offering higher prize values, even a "graduated" system like you suggest. Some problems that we are still working to balance out with that right now are our desire to keep the possible prize amounts an easily known thing without a lot of math so that everyone knows in advance what the prize would be for any given contest. Along with that, as the entry fee goes up for a contest, the risks also go up for everyone (both players obviously, but also for us). This increased risk makes it hard to increase the prize at the same time as issues of potential fraud become greater and the potential loss we would have to take in those scenarios goes up.Anyway, these are some of the things we are working with when considering the prize amounts for a contest. I really appreciate this discussion, and if you have any other thoughts on ways to change the prize system that could keep with the concepts I mentioned above (easy to understand/known prize amounts and balancing risk of fraud), please continue to share. We do have a few things we hope to get out within the next few months which I think you will like in this respect, but I can't announce anything right now.